“I see myself as a visual translator of myths. I want their whispers to be understood by people who live in the 21st century. Seeking the delicate balance between the timeless and the contemporary is a fascinating process. It is a fine art. For me, this is what fine jewellery design is about”

Although still young, Elé Karela can capture the classic feel with an amazing accuracy. Quite unsurprising given that she grew up in Greece, in a land steeped in myth. Travelling extensively around the world later she found herself intrigued by the myths, ancient and modern, that underlie all expressions of life. She became what she calls a “myth detector.” This combined with the exceptional talent for art she had displayed since a very young age to create unique designs.

Her studies in Jewellery Design at Central St Martins further expanded her knowledge and sharpened her extraordinary eye for detail, and she began to commission her own pieces.

Finely crafted in gold and precious stones, her jewels form a narrative whole, created by a brilliant storyteller.