Elé’s primary and constant source of inspiration has been myths. Myths travel through time and cultures to land on her imaginative pieces.

From the forests of Arcadia the hooves of Pan come to close into a ring; the wings of the sirens are chained in a necklace; the ouroboros devours its tail to recreate itself as earrings; true to the motive of cyclicality a flying horse embraces an open timepiece; graphic lions travel from the Far East to inform reminiscences of astrolabes.

Her creations far from imitating ancient rhythms bring them to the present in an intriguing modern dance. Lost in the distant past or standing in
the present..

myths are the compass of the heavens and the compass to our souls.

Myths are still being created and nowhere more palpably so than in the circus.

In Cirque, Elé creates a frisky collection, where a pendant becomes a flying trapeze, acrobats and the queen of spades lead the way on a magical
mystery tour, candy coloured hot air balloons find themselves a meeting place with cupcake rings and pendants, while performing bears draw
pumpkin carriages in fairytale land and the diamond studded wheels of timepieces keep time as they all come time together to perform in an
exquisite court of miracles.

The circus is a place of transformations and play.

Myths are born under the silvery light of the moon. The night is their natural birthplace.

In a collection marked by subtle grays and translucent subdued blues, Elé traces the lunar origins of myths and betrays her exquisitely delicate
perception of light. In this journey of exploration, night fairies in gossamer veils glide on the wings of bats that then come to elegantly stand
still in mid air as earrings. The stars here are the offspring of winter and in this lucid dreamscape of cold hues red brush strokes speak of passion…
the red sapphires in a drop of blood make the moon blush